Dividend Income Update // August 2016



August Dividends

  • Kinder Morgan, Inc. (KMI) – $3.50
  • Starbucks Corporation (SBUX) – $6.60

Total dividends received for the month of August: $10.10

So, July marks one year since I started my investing journey but August actually is the first month where I received dividend income. As part of my journey, I’ve been keeping this blog to record my steps along the way and chart my progress and I’m hoping that it will be easy for me to compare year over year my portfolio balances and dividend increases.

As you can tell, I received less income this August versus last August. This is due to the fact that KMI decided to slash their dividend by 75% back in December 2015. While it was certainly disappointing, the dividend reduction was definitely necessary in order for KMI to keep their credit rating and reevaluate their heavy reliance on debt to finance their capital ventures.

So, why am I sharing all of this? Basically to show that there can be minor setbacks sometimes. Would I have loved to report how much my dividend income has grown since last August? Absolutely! However, even with this minor setback, I still have received more in dividend income this year than I have all of last year and we’re only a little more than half way into the year. I consider that a win in my book!

Thanks for reading.

Images: Death to the Stock Photo with graphics added by One Woman’s Worth.


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