Dividend Income Update // September 2015

September is my third month in my dividend investing journey but my second month receiving dividends. Although I’m starting small, its exciting to see how my dividend streaming is growing with each passing month.

Since many companies who follow the calendar fiscal year, March, June, September and December are usually the largest payout months for dividend investors. My portfolio is no exception. Of the four stocks currently in my portfolio, three of them made payments this month.


September Dividends

  • Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) – $7.50
  • Pepsi Co, Inc. (PEP) – $7.03
  • T. Rowe Price Group, Inc. – $7.80

Total dividends received for the month of September: $22.33

One of my goals is to receive $50 in dividend income this year and so far, I have collected $36.05. That’s 72% of the amount needed  to reach my goal. I have a feeling I will crush my goal by a healthy margin. Yeah!

Full disclosure: Long all aforementioned stocks.

Thanks for reading.

Images: Death to the Stock Photo with graphics added by One Woman’s Worth.


Author: One Woman's Worth

Born with a dollar and a dream. Hoping to double both in my lifetime.

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