WORTHY Reads // February 26, 2015

And just like that *snaps fingers*, another month in 2015 has gone by! How does it feel? Still chugging along and making financial progress? Still motivated? I really hope so!

When it comes to well-known holidays and observances, February is universally known as a month dedicated to love. We all (hopefully?) participated in showing love either to a partner or to ourselves.

However, besides excessive drinking on St. Patrick’s Day, March is all about Women’s History Month (also referred to as Women’s Appreciation Month). In honor of the many women who have fought and continue to fight for gender equality and women’s rights, I will be introducing a new series to highlight women I admire in the entertainment; business; and political fields. Stay tuned!

I hope you all have a great weekend. Here are three articles that I have read recently and enjoyed and hope you enjoy as well. Thanks for reading!

The Richest Woman in the World is….

Here’s a great article to start the Women’s Appreciate Month series! While only 12% of the worlds billionaires are women, we (all women, not just the richest) are making strides to increase our net worth and make our mark on the global economy this year. If you need any motivation or inspiration, take a look at these women at the pinnacle of the rich list in each of the world’s regions.

Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant on Why Women Stay Quiet at Work

Two things…

  1. I heart Sheryl Sandberg. Her book, Lean In, is an amazing book that I think all women in every stage of her career should read. Seriously. Go read it.
  2. This article resonated with me. I’m a naturally reserved person and generally wouldn’t be the first person to speak up in a meeting. However, I’ve had my share of experiences of where I have chosen to speak up; and was either interrupted or ignored. Mostly by men. I’m not saying all men interrupt/ignore women in these situations but I am glad someone is speaking on it and bringing light to this issue.

How to Brand Yourself Without Sounding Like Everyone Else

Catherine Fisher published a great post on LinkedIn’s blog with tips to help your resume and LinkedIn page stand out to recruiters and hiring managers. First tip? Remove overused buzzwords like “motivated”, “passionate”, “creative, driven”, “extensive experience”, “responsible”, “strategic”, “track record”, “organizational”, and “expert” from your profile.



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