WORTHY Reads // January 29, 2015

Can you believe the first month of the year is already almost over?

I’ve been making some progress on my goals and I’m still pretty motivated! Granted, it’s still very early in the year but the old me would have usually forgotten what my goals were- much less started making progress on them. I’m looking forward to seeing what February has to offer.

Speaking of February, I’m looking forward to taking my first trip of the year; in New Orleans! I love that little town that always seems to be alive. There are always things to do, food to eat and sights to see. I love New Orleans so much that this will be my second visit in less than a year. I can’t wait to share my experience as a “second-timer”. Perhaps I’ll share a detailed itinerary as well as a breakdown of my budget? Stay-tuned!

I hope you all have a great weekend. Here are two articles that I have read recently and enjoyed and hope you enjoy as well. Thanks for reading!

12 Month Guide to Staying Financially on Track in 2015

Learnvest published an awesome guide filled with simple-to’s that can help spark good financial habits, help you track your progress, and give you that added push towards accomplishing your money goals. To-do lists? That has me written all over it.

Women Trail Men in Financial Literacy


The title alone is what grabbed my attention. However, once I started reading the article, I just got really sad. Why? Because I know there is some truth in what the author is saying. I know plenty of women who are not financially literate. It’s sad that some women don’t know simple things such as how inflation works against you, how to choose investments, or how to tackle debt. Granted, the men surveyed for this article didn’t knock it out of the park either (only 4 in 10 men responded correctly) but we’ve got to do better, ladies! This article and articles like it are one of the reasons why I even started this blog. Let’s educate ourselves and turn this statistic around!

Thanks for reading.



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