Reflections // Looking back on 2014

Life is like a book and every year is a new chapter. Welp, it’s page 365 of 365 for chapter 2014.

As I reflect on this year, I can’t help but think about the things I’ve accomplished, the small changes I’ve made, the lessons I’ve learned, and the moments of defeat that I’ve changed into moments of victory. At the beginning of the year, I knew I had a difficult time just “going with the flow”. Therefore, I decided I would adopt the mantra “Let it go”.

Ya’ll, I’ll be honest. For me, 2014 was a very difficult year.  I went in thinking it was going to be my year, though. I always had this superstition that any year that ends in an even number would be a great year for me. Every big success (graduations, meeting major life goals, etc) was accomplished coincidently in years that ended in an even number.

So imagine my confusion and disappointment when things didn’t really turn out how I THOUGHT they would.

Here’s what went “wrong”:

  1. I lost some people in my life that were once very close to me.
  2. I was a car accident and my car was completely totaled.
  3. A close family was wrongfully fired and was unemployed for a majority of the year.

I could continue to think that my year was cursed; however, when I think about all of the things I learned from these downfalls, I can’t help but think about how blessed I’ve really been.

Realizations I’ve made in 2014:

  1. Realizing who really matters in my life and keeping those relationships close.
  2. Realizing that what I think of myself matters FAR MORE than what others think of me. I’m the one that has to live with myself; therefore what makes ME happy is what’s most important. Self love is the BEST kind of love.
  3. Realizing that money comes and goes (yes, as a personal finance writer I believe it’s true); you can always make more money but time spent with people you love is the real scarcity. Always make it a point to spend time with those you love.
  4. Prayer works. My family member who lost employment really showed me that having faith in God is important. While you are in that phase where something really devastating happens, having faith that you know things will work out is truly important. It motivates you and keeps you going to get things back on track.

So thank you, 2014. The year started off rough, got a little better, took a nose dive for the downright horrible, and then mellowed out. Thank you for the mistakes, for the laughs, for the love and, most importantly, for life. I’m looking forward to taking all of these memories, experiences and lessons into the next chapter of my life!

Cheers to a wonderful, prosperous and happy NEW YEAR!




Author: One Woman's Worth

Born with a dollar and a dream. Hoping to double both in my lifetime.

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