Hello // Blog changes

Hi all,

It’s been a while, huh?

The last few months have been a struggle for me with this blog because I’ve struggled to find my voice and really share anything going on in my life. Just to give a bit of history, I started as a fashion blog. However, I didn’t post very often because I felt there were hundreds of fashion blogs and didn’t want to be another drop in the sea. Also, the hassle of begging trying to convince friends and family to photograph my outfits was becoming a threat to my sanity. I then changed direction and wanted to talk about my day-to-day lifestyle. And that didn’t work because, unfortunately, I’m boring. Well, perhaps not boring but there was something uncomfortably narcissistic about a lifestyle blog (no shade to people who have one). I just struggled with coming up with something meaningful to write because, I mean, would anyone find my trip to the gas station interesting? Would anyone want to know about the time I had to curse out Deepak from Comcast because my cable was out again? (Sorry Deepak if you’re reading this. I know it wasn’t your fault there was an outage while Scandal was on.)

Anyway…I started thinking about what I could write about. I love interior design and architecture, traveling, and live music. But more importantly, I could talk about money for days, honey. FOR DAYS. It’s one of the first things that come to mind when people think of me. I’m always talking about culture as it relates to the economy, saving and investing, and women that I admire in business.  You know how people say you should never bring up money or politics? Sorry, but I missed out on that ability. Money is just one of those things that I could bring up in any conversation and be totally at ease discussing it.

So I’ve officially decided to re-brand this blog as a personal finance blog. Don’t worry, I won’t only talk about personal finance. Like I mentioned earlier, I do enjoy design, traveling and female empowerment and will continue to talk about these topics. However, these things all have one thing in common; Money. I hope to share tips and tidbits of my life as it relates to money. All while building my net worth and gaining financial independence.

Welcome to One Woman’s Worth. I hope you stick around for the ride!



Author: One Woman's Worth

Born with a dollar and a dream. Hoping to double both in my lifetime.

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